"Since I started Boot Camp I have lost over 44 pounds and gained muscle, strength and endurance. My energy level has ..."

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She’s Fifty Pounds Lighter!

f_picShe’s Fifty Pounds Lighter! Here is what Jodi told us about her journey. What a difference a year makes! I started with Boot Camp L.A. just over twelve months ago. Since then I have undergone a major physical and emotional transformation and am now over fifty pounds lighter. With the help of the Major, LT, […]Read More

Quick Tips to Cut 100 Calories a Day!

f_picQuick tips to cut 100 calories a day can help make a difference towards your healthy goals! Maintaining a healthy weight depends on achieving energy balance. This Is accomplished by balancing the amount of energy burned and food consumed in your day. To stop weight gain and balance energy, we encourage you to make small […]Read More

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