Bootcamp LA Metro Line Partnership

Metro Line Connect Partnership

BOOTCAMP LA is a new member of the Metro Line Connect program offered by  the Metro Purple Line’s Extension’s Eat, Shop and  Play Program. While we all know change is not always easy, the Metro Line is doing whatever they can to ease the extension pains of building a subway through our community, which is impacting a lot of the surrounding roads – with construction and road closures where many of us do business. Recently a Metro Purple Line team came out to BOOTCAMP LA to participate and create a video spotlight of the BOOTCAMP LA program for the Metro Website. Encouraging the community and Metro employees to take care of themselves by participating in BOOTCAMP LA program.

BOOTCAMP LA and the Metro Line both have Instagram accounts where all followers are encouraged to hash tag #bootcampla and #eatshopplay to be entered for the chance to win 7 day passes for the new and coming Purple Metro Line! As mentioned, we are going through a lot of changes as a community, but it is an exciting time as history is being made of a transportation vehicle that will serve the Miracle Mile area for years to come. The Metro Line recognizes that the construction is a dynamic process and information is subject to change that is why they recommend that people in the community visit Other ways to connect 213-922-6943. To deal with stress we believe exercise is the answer. In fact it is the answer for many things! Being able to manage stress will help you too live a balanced lifestyle and help deal with changes that may impact you.

Change is always going to be constant the more prepared you are through taking care of your health and well being the more you will be able to handle it. Don’t let it get the best of you. We can help!