About Us
At BOOTCAMP LA our main goal is to provide you with great workouts and support to help you accomplish you goals!  With that we are proud to say we have had a lot of great success and would love to be a part of yours too! Make sure you check out the success stories on the link below! Real People – Real Changes. At BOOTCAMP LA you just might be in a class with these participants and can ask them first hand about their successful journeys! You will be getting in shape in a positive, fun environment!

All BOOTCAMP LA Instructors are Certified Personal Trainers. They are additionally trained to give you an experience that will make you feel like you are welcomed and listened to. We want to know how we can help you achieve your goals! If you have any injuries or concerns we want to know so that we can work with them or around them!

We believe and many people have found out at BOOTCAMP LA that  IT’S  NEVER TOO LATE TO GET IN SHAPE! Once again the key is to make a decision it is time to get going and get started by showing up! At BOOTCAMP LA we make sure everyone is challenged at their personal level of fitness. The goal being to establish a good foundation of strength and to build from there! Everyone works hard but has a good time doing it! The only way we would want to get in shape too!

The key is to get started! Once you do, you will see amazing changes in your body and your spirit! We have options for you! Check them out! 

“Nothing is more rewarding than watching BOOTCAMP LA Warrior’s  bodies changing daily, right before our very eyes!”

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