Anything is possible when you decide it is time to take good care of yourself! We love helping people create a healthy positive lifestyle!
BOOTCAMP LA  is for all levels of fitness whether you have been working out all your life or just getting started!

We look forward to sharing your success story!
The following featured warriors are amazing and have shown that changing their bodies is possible and best of all, that it can happen for you too!  Whether it is the happiness of completing a first full body push up, improving cardio or the loss of unwanted weight, we celebrate it all!

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Jody Westin  

What a difference a year makes! I started with BOOTCAMP LA  just over twelve months ago. Since then I have undergone a major physical and emotional transformation and am now over fifty pounds lighter. With the help of the Major, LT, my fellow Boot Campers, my sisters, Jawbone and – of course – Carson, I have gained strength, knowledge and confidence. I have learned about nutrition and the importance of staying active particularly in this sedentary world; I even have a standing desk at work now. Funny with all this running, walking, lifting and standing I have more energy; who knew? I still have more to go but I have the tools and know the secret: make good choices every day and stay active. Thank you to everyone for the support and encouragement. One thing hasn’t changed since the start of my Boot Camp Adventure – my favorite six words are: the last run of the day. Maybe that will change in this next year – a new goal! Thank you BOOTCAMP LA. for all the calorie burning workouts, support and encouragement

!Boot Camp LA Before and After

Jamie Hall

 BOOTCAMP LA has changed my life! I rarely worked out for most of my adult life and was certainly not fit. I just didn’t have the motivation or willpower. It wasn’t a big deal during my 20s, but over time I gained about 20 pounds (creeping weight gain). BOOTCAMP LA is great because it forces me to get up early and work out. I love the fact that the instructors focus on both weight loss and building muscle mass. I have met so many great people and truly enjoy going to work out during the week, which I never thought would be the case. I have lost over 20 pounds to date and I am in the best shape of my life! In fact, I discovered that inside my nerdy attorney self is an athlete that yearns to compete. I have participated in several 10ks and just came in first place in my age division at the LA Chinatown Firecracker Run. One thing to emphasize, is that following Boot Camp L.A.’s dietary plan is the secret to transforming your body. I really started to see a difference after the first year when I changed my diet. I feel great!Thank you BootCamp L.A.! 

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Maggie Gindlesperger

When I moved to Los Angeles for graduate school, I had a hard time at first settling in, finding my way, meeting new friends, and trying to make the West Coast my new home and I had to bide my time until I could move back to the East Coast. When I moved to Park La Brea apartment complex a year later, my apartment faced the meeting spot for the 8:30am class. I kept wondering about that group of people who always looked happy to see on another and were so in-synced when running. I had a chance meeting with Jay Kerwin nicknamed the Major and he agreed to come to my clinical practicum to speak about the importance of healthy and fitness to at -risk youth. I hoping his talk would the kids and had no idea how that talk would change my life. After talking to the kids, he said “So Maggie what did you have for breakfast?’ I started to come to BootCAMP LA  two days later. When I found the 8:30am class, it was like the home my heart was looking for was finally found. I looked forward to working out just to spend time with the Major and his philosophies  about life or the LT with her magnetic smile.They made me want to be better, stronger and every time I hit a hiccup along that path they and my fellow boot campers never showed disappointment, they gave me encouragement, power and love. I learned many life lesson during my 3-4 years with bootcamp. When it was time for me to leave Los Angeles to continue pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor, I always imagined I would be ready to leave in a heartbeat. I never realized that leaving BOOTCAMP LA would be one of the hardest things I would ever do. The people in the 8:30am class became my life-long friends and family. It was never just about becoming healthier and stronger. Everyone is invested in each other and I became invested in their hopes, dreams and successes. æThey are my family and that is the I am most grateful for and I miss them everyday.

Dr Maggie Gindlesperger – Warrior for Life!

Cheryl Augustine

I started BOOTCAMP LA about 10 months ago; I have since lost over 44 pounds and gained muscle, strength and endurance, both physically and mentally. In the past, I have tried many different types of exercise classes but I’ve found Boot Camp to be the most comprehensive, challenging and fun exercise program that I have ever participated in. Thank you Jay Kerwin!”I am truly amazed that I now actually look forward to working out.”BOOTCAMP LA is like having a personal trainer but with the encouragement and camaraderie of a group class. I don’t find myself watching the clock because the sessions are very engaging and never boring.


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Tamarah Logan

I will never forget the first day, getting weighed in and that first work out. I came home and just cried, I told my husband how much I weighed and how I didn’t think I would be able to do Boot Camp. I was really out of shape and intimidated. He assured me I had made a good decision and to stick with it and see where it took me. I still wasn’t dealing in reality, because I thought I would be able to lose 50 lbs in three months, HAH!!! …I remember telling myself I don’t want to be fat, but as the Major has said,  “was I really trying or just hoping”. I know now it was more hope than trying. So began my journeyI will never forget the first day, getting weighed in and that first work out. I came home and just cried, I told my husband how much I weighed and how I didn’t think I would be able to do Boot Camp. I was really out of shape and intimidated. He assured me I had made a good decision and to stick with it and see where it took me. I still wasn’t dealing in reality, because I thought I would be able to lose 50 lbs in three months, HAH!!! …I remember telling myself I don’t want to be fat, but as the Major has said,  “was I really trying or just hoping”. I know now it was more hope than trying. So began my journey.When I received the Major’s”Body Transformation Guide”, I read it immediately. I saw instantly where was making my mistakes, I brought in my week of food journaling, and began the transformation. Eating breakfast, smaller meals every hour to three hours, no carbs at night, and becoming aware of my calorie intake. I also learned I wasn’t eating enough protein, so I changed that as well.I always remember the words, “It’s not just the one hour a day of working out, but the other 23 hours a day that you are not with us that will make the difference.” Hearing I can do it from both the Major, LT, and my husband, always feeling encouraged to keep going, and not give up, lead to my first 20lb loss, in almost 4 years, I was elated! I thought I would never get there, and I did and now I have now lost a total of 80lbs!

Lucia and Margarita Ochoa

 Eleven months ago, Lucia and I embarked on a major lifestyle change: we were going to share an apartment! Growing up in Merced, a small city in the heart of California’s Central Valley, as part of a large, loud, and quite sassy family, there was very little we did not experience together. By 2009, those times of shared experiences were long gone –Over a period of six years, Lucia made a comfortable life for herself in fabulous Los Angeles, while I pursued graduate degrees and lived in Albuquerque, Mexico City, and Zacatecas –All the while, we indulged in the fun, economics, and culinary perks of our lives and professions, however one of the hermanas delighted a tad more than the other!Needless to say, we needed another major change. But gyms, to us, were so “been there, done that” …and we were bored! We joined BOOTCAMP LA.
Our goals were simple: lose a few pounds and drop a couple of dress sizes by December. It’s been ten months and over 60 pounds lost! Not only have we met our initial and, well, shortsighted goals, but thanks to the strategic and amazing workout routines of the Major and the accompanying encouragement of the Lieutenant, we have expanded our goals. I’m proud to be a BCLA success story! Now, midway to our new objectives, Lucia and I look forward to the healthier bodies and lives to come as we press on, continuing to bask daily in the awesome pain of muscle soreness

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Rob Gard 

“I was hesitant to join BOOTCAMP LA because I wasn’t sure my busy work schedule would allow me to get into a good exercise routine and because my memories of two decades of competitive sports told me the word “camp” meant grueling, brutal exercising. At the urging of the Major, I finally joined and found out that the three daily Boot Camps gave me flexibility in my schedule.” The fellow Boot Camp recruits keep the spirit light and the Major and Lieutenant keep the enthusiasm high. It’s actually fun!   My biggest reward from Boot Camp, is  it gave me the mental attitude to save my life. Let me explain. I was in northern Minnesota with a high school friend enjoying some cold-weather fishing. As is apt to happen that time of year, a storm blew in while we were on the lake. My friend and I began paddling our canoe back to shore as the wind started to howl, the snow obscured our sight, and the waves grew ever higher. The cold didn’t bother me, as I was wearing 50 pounds of warm layers. However, my bulkiness meant I could fit into a life jacket; I had to sit on it instead.   As luck would have it, the snow squall grew worse. About 50-60 yards from shore, in 20 ft. deep water, a huge wave smacked the side of our canoe. In an instant, I was in the bone-chilling lake. I tried to tread water for a second, but found my now-soaked clothes were weighing me down. The canoe was drifting away, upside down, my life preserver in it. My only hope was to swim to shore.   My friend used to swim competitively and was easily on his way to shore. Not a particularly strong swimmer, I did a backstroke as best I could. My body was numb from the cold and my muscles aching from the weight I was wearing. I stopped for a second to catch my breath and quickly sank beneath the waves.   Just then, two words burst into my mind: “Boot Camp.” Many times in the previous few weeks, I was exhausted at the end of a run, weak at the end of weight lifting repetitions, but the Major and Lieutenant always pushed me to go one step further, to flex those muscles just a little harder.   I shot up from under the water and confidently continued to swim to shore. BOOTCAMP LA had given me the mental edge that told me I’d make it and would be just fine.   Today, I’m a stronger and healthier person!

Aness Webster 

When my husband Myles and I joined BOOTCAMP LA, I was excited yet nervous. I had no idea that I would be able to get as strong as I have gotten under the Major and LT’s guidance. In combination with the workouts,I started making better food choices and on my 30th Birthday I celebrated it 30lbs lighter!  I love the workouts, my husband and I do it together so it makes it really enjoyable to do something positive together! Thank you BOOTCAMP LA! I met a lot of positive like minded friends that were supportive in helping me to reach my goals! I encourage you to commit to taking care of yourself and BOOTCAMP LA  is a great place to make it happen! The Major and The Lt have created a program that has become a community of health minded individuals that all help make it possible! I enjoy the variety of the workouts and working out with my husband, we work hard but have a great time doing it! It is so rewarding to fit into my jeans with no problem! I am happy to be a success story and look forward to continuing on this amazing healthy path!


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Carlos Ticas

When I started BOOTCAMP LA I knew it was time for me to do something about my body and my over all health. When I showed up on my first day, I said to the Major “I mean Business!” He told the LT what I said and she said “Great it is on! Let’s do this!” I have worked hard and followed the Major’s eating plan and I can’t believe how my body has changed. Im proud to be a BCLA success story!  I love hearing that I look ten years younger! Anything really is possible! I feel like superman and I’m so glad I took a chance and gave it a try! That picture of me on the left is from that first night I proclaimed I meant business about changing my life and I really did it!

Tim Fuller When I signed up for Boot Camp I was terrified! My only experience with organized physical fitness was high school P.E. I was worried about being shamed and ridiculed because that had been my experience in P.E. To my surprise at BOOTCAMP LA, the shame and humiliation never came. Instead I received encouragement and validation. Boot Camp is a place for hard work, but more importantly for me it was a place where I could flourish and in a positive great environment! I have made a big life transformation. I told the Major when I first met him after seeing them leave their Boot Camp Truck in a parking garage, that I wanted to look like him. He said great and now sure enough after following his guidance – my arms do look like his!I am thrilled and feel blessed to have met the Major and the LT in that parking lot I am now committed to living an all around healthy fit life! 

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Kim Blythe 

BOOTCAMP LA  has really had a big impact on my life. I am here to tell you it took some dedication and time but it really worked! This is me minus 70 lbs! I am proud of my transformation and I did it by changing my eating habits and attending Boot Camp regularly. The Major and LT always are giving positive encouragement and nutrition tips to guide us through. My body changed because I got involved in the health of my body and I even ran my first 5k with the BOOTCAMP LA Warriors!  Attitude towards change is important as the LT says – You just have to believe!  So happy I did!
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Julio Ramos

 I’ve always considered myself to be between the borderline of chubby and “fat”…and at the age of 25 I found myself to be crossing that border. With the gradual slowing of my metabolism and gravity working against me, I noticed flabs and rolls that were never there before.I was convinced I had crossed that line when I saw myself in a picture DJ-ing at a club and I realized I am not chubby I am fat…really fat! After that day, I knew something had to be done FAST! I’ve known the Major as a regular customer at my store but never really conversed with him. I finally had the courage to ask him about his BOOTCAMP LA program and all he said was … “Just Show Up”. I have now lost over 60lbs and still going! The support of the LT and the Major is indescribable. I’m proud too be a success story! Who would have thought these two individuals would be such vital contributors in my life to to such a big lifestyle change! Those pictures are of me running in the same area – I am so happy I’m now the guy on the right running without the extra 60lbs!

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