Re-energize Your Life


If 2019 got the best of you, don’t let it get you down. Instead, choose to make 2020 your best year yet! We’re starting a new decade and it’s a great time to hit the reset button. Taking care of yourself is a job most everyone is challenged to find time to do. But, by making small changes in your daily routine, you can see big results. These changes shouldn’t be viewed as simply New Year’s resolutions, but rather, guidelines for healthy living. Consider them as musts, not wants, on your list of self-care. Incorporating the following five habits into your schedule will help in creating the life we all are striving for – to be as happy and healthy as possible!

1.    Drink water! 

Hydrating regularly helps the body in many ways, from increasing energy levels to preventing kidney stones. Staying hydrated is vital for our health and also known to enhance physical performance and increase brain function, not to mention, it also helps with weight loss! According to WebMD, “the Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board recommended that women need about 70 ounces (around 2 liters) of water daily, and men need 100 ounces (around 3 liters).” That may sound like a lot but it’s something you can work up to. Drinking water is one of the easiest, health adjustments you can make to your daily routine. In fact, you can start at this very moment!

2.    Get enough sleep!

Sleep is very important and has been reported by many of the top health resources to be critical to our well-being. Getting adequate sleep has been reported to prevent excess weight gain and reduce the chance of heart disease. Typically, 7-8 hours is the recommended amount of sleep required to function in daily in a healthy manner. So, be careful when you start binge watching your favorite series into the wee hours of the night. The show will still be there tomorrow. Proper rest is critical to your health and well-being. 

3.    Reduce stress!

Dealing with stress can be difficult, but one thing to keep in mind is you can always have the power to choose. Remember, you can’t control other people, but you can control yourself. There also are several things that you can do when you’re not in the stressful situation that can help when tense moments arise. Of course, eating right, exercising, and getting the right amount sleep are all essential to mental health and very basic things that you can do. Another helpful solution is to ease anxiety by talking about the stressful situation with someone you trust. Also, by practicing controlled breathing and becoming aware of your stress triggers, you can change your life.

4.    Make healthy food choices! 

The holidays are all fun and games, that is, until your clothes don’t quite seem to fit the same. Don’t worry, you can counter this right away by starting to make better food choices. Choosing baked options over fried, ordering salad dressing on the side, and cutting out the soft drinks are few decisions you can make to eat healthier. Also, be aware of your portion sizes and make positive changes like eating half your meal and saving the other half to eat a few hours later.

5.    Schedule time to exercise! 

Time is an important commodity in our lives and people often claim that they don’t have enough time during the day to squeeze in physical activity. At BOOTCAMP LA, we realize that! So, we created a program that provides stretching, cardio and weightlifting all within a one hour time frame. For maximum results, we recommend working out at least 3 times a week. However, if you can only work out once or twice a week, that is so much better than no times a week. We created the opportunity for participants to have a flexible plan that works for them and their schedules

Is the program for everybody? Absolutely! BOOTCAMP LA’s “hour of power” is designed for everyone at all levels of fitness! When we created the program, we knew what we personally wanted from a fitness experience. Our program is based on building strength and endurance over time in a beautiful outdoor environment.   Our main goal is to help participants to be in the strongest, healthiest shape possible. We love to offer anyone who’s not certain the program is right for them, to come out and try a session as our guest. We want it to be a good match too! We love to see people achieving results and reaching their fitness goals.  We also feel it’s important that people like where they are working out because otherwise, goals might not be accomplished.